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future SOTL1_small.png
The Future

What a weird new year.   I will announce it soon...

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What's Happening?

Howdy!!!! It's been a bit since I have posted any news!  

So much has been going on with work, Covid, Personal life, and so on.  I just reformed Ironwrath with my friends from back in the day with C.G Ryche and Steve Bell.  Keep in touch as we are going to be releasing a full length album, videos and so on!!!!! Stay tuned!!!!!!

future SOTL1_small.png
Whats Happening?

2018 has been a interesting year to say the least!  With a slight career change and personal stuff in the air, It feels great to be moving forward with music, graphics, family and so on.

I will be sharing news here about work, which is music, art and etc.

Thank you all for your support!