This section describes me as a artist in music, digital art, and guitar builder.

3D Artist

Since the day of the computer age, I been involved in computer animation and digital graphics using tools like Photoshop and many other windows based software since the early 90's.


After 20 years of being self-taught, I decided to get my degrees in AA and BA in architecture and gaming design. I learned software such as Maya, 3dsmax9, Unity, Unreal Engine Editor, AutoCAD, Reallusion Character Creator 3, IClone 7, Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Affinity Designer, DaVinci Resolve 16, Final Cut Pro X.


Artist Bio

Sean has been playing guitar in So. Cal. for four decades. His parents introduced him to music at the age of 7 through the classical piano. After a few years of piano, he found love listening to hard rock. While listening to hard rock and many different genres, Sean decided to pick up the guitar. He modeled himself in Randy Rhoads, George Lynch, Phil Collen, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, and other guitarists. 


At 19 years of age, he joined his first real band, Freewill, and performed anywhere the band could. They gained some local success and experience writing songs and performing live. Freewill is also where Sean met Steve Bell, who began to play rhythm guitar for the band.


In 1985, Freewill lost their frontman and was looking for a singer. They found one in vocalist Keith Miles and reformed the band with a new name, "Holy Right." The band soared to new heights with the new lineup, including Randy Davidson on bass and Todd Norris on drums. In 1986, Sean met drummer C.G. Ryche (Chris Garrett) after a show in Bloomington, Ca. Todd, shortly after leaving the band and C.G., stepped in. The band performed at many festivals, the Sunset Strip, and churches around So. Cal. For the next two years. 


When Holy Right fired their singer, they went a new direction with a much harder sound and more theatrics and formed IronWrath. This was the core genesis for the remaining four members of this project, which really defined their direction and goals. 


Thru the '90s, Sean played with IronWrath with many different band members until their last show at Knotts Berry Farm's Halloween Haunt. Soon after the IronWrath dismembering, Sean decided to get more into the digital age of music. 


Soon after Helnbac in the same year, Sean formed Lithium X with Robert Sweet (drummer for Stryper). They tracked four more songs that Sean composed for the band. Then, Sean joined Sevenfold Image. They released a four-song E.P. recorded at Sonsongs Studios, Las Vegas, NV. 

Currently, Sean is performing with the upcoming rock/metal band Hour Eleven. The band has released five songs, E.P. All it was a Memory, in 2011, and released the self-titled Hour Eleven in 2014: Phil Collen of multi-platinum band Def Leppard. 


2016 - 2019, Sean joined the three-piece trio RYATT from North Hollywood. They have already released their debut album "Sleeping at Pannikins," "Loch Leven," and Atlas. Soon after Ryatt, Sean worked a year on his first solo concept album, "Vapor." He was written and produced by himself and teamed up amazing artist Lizz "Lethal" Duenas, Jay Smith, Alan Bostwick, Phil Lugo & Bobby D. Wasson.


30-years later Sean is back with Ironwrath and they teamed up to release their new album “The Master Storyteller” debut album!!!